Sunday, June 13, 2010

510 Susana Ave

Feeling determined to leave our miserable apartments that we are keeping separately in both Redondo Beach and Sherman Oaks, we have been diligently searching the rental market. During my search, I have seen too many beat up apartment buildings just like the ones we are currently occupying, only to have no elevator and to be in worse neighbourhoods...

Finally I found this house for rent on 510 Susana Ave in Redondo Beach. The house is in a very nice middle class neighbourhood inhabited mostly with white collar professionals like ourselves. There is great curb appeal. The neighbours seem to take very good care of their houses. Soon as I stepped out of the car, I feel in love with the good old American vibe of the street and the exterior of the house (looks a lot nicer in person than in picture).

When we stepped in, I was even more impressed. How much nicer this is than all the apartments we visited. There is all nice hardwood floor in the sizable living room, dining room and open kitchen area. The kitchen is spacious and is equipped with newer appliances and granite counter tops. The dining room opens to a nice covered patio and a very nice and well maintained backyard with fruit trees! There is 1 bedroom downstairs and 1 very nice 3/4 bathroom next to this bedroom. Upstairs there is one big bedroom that has a huge deck with nice roof top and city view. Standing there, I was already visioning myself lounging there on weekend mornings with my breakfast and favorite magazines, enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze and smell of the morning. Then there are 3 other nice size bedrooms and another nice bathroom with granite counter top, double sinks, a bath tub, and a separate shower. The only flaw this place has is that there is no master bedroom with its own bathroom. But I can live with that because the house looks like it was remodeled not long ago, with new bathrooms, new carpet in all the bedrooms... The house just looks so new to me even though it was built in 1965. May be I have been living in old junky apartment for too long. Just the possibility of us living in a house in this new condition makes me so excited and so happy. So all together, there are 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in this house, that provides an office for each one of us for our work, and also may be some extra storage room or guest bedroom for my mother-in-law if she comes to visit with us. There is a huge attached 2-car garage, in-house washer, and dryer, front lawn and driveway. I can't wait to finally not share washers and dryers with filthy neighbours. I would like to live in this house. I can see myself being so happy living in this house. After all these months' apartment hunting, I told my husband, "no more, this is it, this is our new home. I'm going to sign the lease." The rent for this house is $3,000 a month, which is still a little cheaper than the combined rents of our two separate lousy apartments. Can you believe it???? We are living separately like bums and yet with a little less money, we can actually live like middle class Americans!! Unbelievable!!

I went home so excited and I couldn't wait to sign the lease on Monday. Then the leasing agent called in 2 hours just to tell me the house was already rented out. Someone else just signed the lease in the broker's office when I was stepping out of the house! I feel so crushed cause that put us back to this "indefinite stay" in our separate miserable clumpy apartments!! I'm in such lousy mood now I can't even explain it. Meanwhile, some tenant underneath us is grilling in his balcony. I'm coughing and choking with the smoke as I blog... I am crying now. I'm sad because I just don't know how much longer I need to live with this bullshit before I can find a place to move to!!

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