Sunday, January 26, 2014

Will You Pay $1.7 Million for a Condo?

I went to the following open house during the weekend and I am not too impressed with this home because it's in front of a busy and noisy street called South Catalina Avenue in Redondo Beach and its kind of busy cross street Avenue C.  The price tag is $1,6999,000.  It's not a house, it's only a condo.

After paying 20% down ($339,800), the monthly cash out-flow for this condo is $8,075 for a 30 year mortgage ( mortgage payment + property tax + HOA fees).  That is only assuming the new buyer isn't going to re-paint the interior or re-decorate.  Some of the interior painting is pretty gloomy looking to me.   I personally don't like the layout of the home because it has 2 bedrooms on the ground floor.  I don't like homes that have bedrooms downstairs and living room and the rest of the home upstairs.    The traffic was pretty noisy when I was there and it was a Sunday.  I can't imagine the noise when it 's a weekday.  There is the side way ocean view from one of the balconies on the side on the cross street of Avenue C.  The ocean view isn't front and center.  Even though the home is supposed to be 2,300 square feet, it feels a lot smaller inside because of the three-level layout.   If I have $339,800 cash on hand, I will definitely not want to buy a condo in front of the intersection like this one, what about you?  Will you pay this kind of down payment and monthly cash to buy a condo like this?